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9,99 EUR*
Details Club Mix Ibiza

.Label: Universal Music TV.Published: 2001/'1-3 only credited to G-Club .2-1 Listed incorrectly as (Hear Me

24,50 EUR*
Details Psycho-Derelict

.Label: Atlantic.Published: 1993/Credited as Psychoderelict family Jeremy Allom, Jon Astley, Richard Barnes,

12,99 EUR*
Details Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition)

Deluxe Edition , - Deluxe Edition - .Label: Polydor.Published: 2006/(Remastered) 'Artists are credited for t

8,94 EUR*
Details The Coral

.Label: Sony Soho Square.Published: 2002/'Track 11 also features a hidden track 'Time Travel' (not credited)

6,79 EUR*
Details Crush

.Label: Island.Published: 2000/Recorded at Sanctuary II, New Jersey.Track 13 is credited as bonus track. All

25,67 EUR*
Details Mtv Ibiza 99

.Label: Sony Music Media.Published: 1999/2-5 Uncredited remix on booklet/cover tracklist. 2-14 Credited as A

27,99 EUR*
Details DJ-Kicks [Vinyl LP]

3LP GATEFOLD ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST - 3LP GATEFOLD - .Label: !k7.Published: 2016/(Compilation) 'E2 credited to

6,75 EUR*
Details Punk O Rama VIII

.Label: Epitaph.Published: 2003/'Writers for track 1-18 are credited as:.All music by Embee (a.k.a. Magnus B

14,71 EUR*
Details When the World Was Our Friend

.Label: Kitty Yo/'Gold Chains & Sue Cie are credited sometimes as GCSC...Recorded at Zombie Studios, San Fra

5,90 EUR*
Details Mercury

LONGVIEW Mercury (2005 US Columbia label 12-track CD album [credited to Long-View due to the existance of a band in the States with the same name] featuring a different tracklisting to the UK issue picture sleeve. This copy has been clearly ...

10,47 EUR*
Details To the Rescue

Seminal 2-Step/Dubstep Crossover Album Back In Stock! Horsepower Productions Are Widely Credited As One Of The Main Innovators Of Dubstep Having Crafted The First Productions When The Genre Emerged From The Ashes Of 2-Step Garage. This, Their Second ...

25,99 EUR*
Details Monument Singles [Vinyl LP]

Roy Orbison - The Monument Singles Collection 180 Gramm Wiederauflage von Music On Vinyl - 2 LP Set - Deluxe Edition -    Roy Orbison is often credited with having one of the most powerful voices in Rock 'n' Roll. He certainly had one of the most ...

87,49 EUR*
Details Lord Burlington: Architecture, Art and Life

Lord Burlington The importance of the third earl of Burlington (1695-1753) as a patron and practitioner of the arts, especially of architecture, has long been recognised. Indeed he has been credited with sponsoring and engineering the Palladian ...

8,49 EUR*
Details Fine Print (Creative Minds Biography (Paperback))

Fine Print Although he is credited with changing history through his invention of printing, Johann Gutenberg remains mysterious. In Fine Print, author Joann Johansen Burch pieces together Gutenberg's amazing story. When Johann was a child in the early ...

25,63 EUR*
Details Vedic Vaani Prayer Agarbatti 250 Gms

Incense is the simplest, purest and economical way to make your living space fragrant. Incense is widely described in ancient sanskrit scriptures and has been credited for pleasing the gods. These popular incense sticks are ideal for daily puja, they ...

15,07 EUR*
Details Tom Wills: First Wild Man of Australian Sport

Tom Wills This is the story of Tom Wills - flawed genius, sporting libertine, fearless leader and agitator, and the man most often credited with creating the game we now know as Australian Rules football. Full description

22,49 EUR*
Details Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan

Brother Tariq Tariq Ramadan is a global phenomenon. A Swiss-born Muslim activist, he is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the radical group credited with inspiring modern Islamic radicalism. Ramadan is fluent in English, French ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Arnold Palmer Quote 1 Becher, Weiß

A quote from Arnold Palmer, aka The King, not only one of the greatest players in the history of golf but also a very clever chap. Alongside Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player he is credited with popularizing and commercialising golf. This is not an ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Irina Demich with a man, smiling.

Size 8.4" x 10.7"  Irina Demick sometimes credited as Irina Demich was a French actress with a brief career in American films. She was born on 16 October 1936 and died on 8 October 2004. Irina Demich, people, men, women, standing, togetherness ...

14,59 EUR*
Details The Right Man: An Inside Account of the Bush White House

The Right Man The Right Man""is the first inside account of a historic year in the Bush White House, by the presidential speechwriter credited with the phrase "axis of evil." David Frum helped make international headlines when President George W ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Alice and Ellen Kessler sits in front of the piano .

Size 9.4" x 7.2"  Alice and Ellen Kessler are popular twins in Europe, especially Germany and Italy, from the 1950s and 1960s and until today for their singing, dancing, and acting. They are usually credited as the Kessler Twins (Die Kessler-Zwillinge ...

21,90 EUR*
Details Adam Smiths The Wealth of Nations: New interdisciplinary essays : A Critical Companion (Texts in Culture)

The Wealth of Nations Widely credited with laying the theoretical and philosophical foundations for capitalism, this work had an immediate impact on economic thinking, in light of its arguments for the freedom of trade. It presents a powerful ...

16,35 EUR*
Details Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better: Way to Help People Do Things Better

Instead of Education John Holt is credited with launching today's huge and still growing homeschooling movement. This book is his most direct and radical challenge to the educational status quo and a clarion to call parents to save their children from ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Gypsy Boots lifting a boy while lying on the ground, with another boy on his side.October 23, 1967

Size 8.3" x 10.8"  Gypsy Boots (August 19, 1914 - August 8, 2004), born Robert Bootzin (and also known as Boots Bootzin), was an American fitness pioneer, actor, and writer. He is credited with laying the foundation for the acceptance by mainstream ...